Delicious breakfast fruit salad

IMG_1470-min IMG_1469-minIMG_1468-minWhen you wanna treat yourself to something reeeeaally good but still wanna keep it healthy and filling 🙂 As you might know, dark chocolate is very healthy, and some doctors even want to catagorize it to be a vegetable. Just add a little bit, so you keep your calorie intake right and still spice your breakfast up!

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IMG_1332 IMG_1338Every vegan (actually just everyone in general) should have a go-to yummy hummus recipe. I love this one with its hints of chilli spice and tahini bitterness. Eat it on bread (maybe these lovely low carb buns), crackers, in a burger or sandwich, as a dip for vegetable sticks or pretty much on whatever you eat 😉

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Snickers nice cream bites

IMG_1323-minYummy yum yum, I pretty much always keep bananas in the freezer (peeled and chopped into small pieces) to be able to quickly whip up banana blueberry nice cream, chocolate nice creamthis raw cake or these awesome Snickers-nice-cream-bites right here 🙂 Of course frozen bananas are also great in smoothies and smoothie bowls!

These are an amazing combination of a salty, sweet nut bottom, fresh banana nice cream and a little chocolate on top.

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Magic mixture

Image-1-2 Image-1-3Something that really works (really fast) for weight loss is cutting out the bad carbs like bread, pasta and potatoes and just grains in general. Your tummy will pretty much instantly be flatter because the bloating and water weight goes away. Since I’m eating healthy, working out and trying to lose weight, I wanna make sure my metabolism gets all the help it needs. So I’ve started eating one or two teaspoons of this horrible-tasting-yet-very-very-healthy blend. Get it overwith once or twice a day before a meal or a workout and help your body burn that stupid stomach fat, that you’re working so hard to get rid of! It doesn’t hurt to try, because these are some seriously good-for-you ingredients!

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Paleo crackers

IMG_1030These ones have healthy fats and protein. They taste great as a snack, but you can use them as crisp bread and spread something on them for tapas or by themselves. Small pieces of seeds will sprinkle off when you bake it, don’t throw them out – collect them in a mason jar and use it as topping on your breakfast or on a salad.

Paleo crackers

  • 1 dL chia seeds
  • 2 dL water
  • 2 dL flax seeds
  • 2,5 dL paleo mix or just a mix of any seeds/nuts you like
  • 1/2-1 teaspoon salt
  • a tiny bit of olive oil (if your mixture needs more liquid, don’t add more olive oil, just put a bit more water in it)

Mix the chia seeds and water, so the seeds can soak while you do the rest. Mix the rest of the ingredients, add the chia water and stir everything thoroughly. Pour the whole thing on to a flat baking tray with a cookie sheet on it. Put another cookie sheet on top of it, and roll your dough flat with a rolling pin. It should be pretty thin so that it covers almost the whole tray. Take off the top layer of cookie sheet and bake your crackers in the oven for 60 minutes at 160°C. After it’s baked allow it to cool off then cut or break it into smaller pieces.



Sund fedt og protein – disse palæoknækbrød er super lækre som mellemmåltid eller som kiks til en tapas. Der vil drysse små frø af det færdige knækbrød – smid det ikke ud, saml det i en lukket beholder og brug det som drys på morgenmad eller salat.


  • 1 dL chiafrø
  • 2 dL vand
  • 2 dL hørfrø
  • 2,5 dL palæoblanding eller bare hvilken som helst blanding af frø/nødder
  • 1/2-1 teske salt
  • en lille smule olivenolie (hvis du synes dejen trænger til mere væde, put da ikke mere olie i, men tilføj en lille smule mere vand)

Bland chiafrøene med vandet, så de kan trække lidt mens du gør resten. Alle andre ingredienser blandes, så tilsættes chiamassen, og så skal det bare blandes grundigt. Hæld massen ud midt på en bageplade beklædt med bagepapir. Læg et stykke bagepapir ovenpå også, og rul så massen flad med en kagerulle. Det skal være ret tyndt og fylde det meste af pladen. Tag det øverste stykke bagepapir af og bag knækbrøddet i 60 minutter ved 160°C. Kan brækkes eller skæres i stykker.

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